Our Story

PD Worx is a new company created to help bring dsolv® to market, but we have a strong 20-year history in design through our parent company, Priority Designs. One of the premier industrial design consulting firms in North America, Priority Designs helps Fortune 500 companies lead their industries through innovation. Priority Designs offers consumer research, brand strategy, product design, product engineering, prototyping, packaging, and display design. Clients include many household brand names such as; Lowe's, Taylormade Golf, Rawlings, American Standard, Kobalt Tools, Ortho Clinical, Mead, and 3M.

The idea for dsolv® originally started as a project idea for an area school. Our principal, Paul, was doing a guest teaching event at an art class and, as a way to educate them on how the product design process works, told the class to think of ways to resign the oh-so-dreaded paper lawn and leaf bags. Although the event didn’t lead directly to development of any component of our product, it did start us down that road of thinking "what if…"

The real brainstorm happened around Christmas time when Paul saw a Christmas tree wrapped in netting to make it easier to take home. Rumor has it he walked into the room where his wife, Lois, was with a cartoon-like "Aha!" expression on his face. It was all downhill from there. Paul and other designers at Priority Designs started working on product design and researching all the possibilities. It took about 18 months to fully develop the product, but it’s been an incredibly entertaining and educational experience. This is the first product the company has taken all the way to market and we’ve enjoyed experiencing these phases of Product Introduction firsthand.

It has been reassuring to learn that other people hate paper lawn and leaf bags as much as we do! We were looking to solve problems for homeowners, but found that our mesh bag helped solve problems for waste haulers and compost facilities too. Problems we didn't even know about! This post-curbside community perhaps hates the paper bags even more than homeowners. Truck drivers have a hard time picking up a full paper bag and throwing it into the truck even when it's dry. If it has rained, the bottoms often give out as soon as the bag is picked up, leaving a big mess at the curb. Because the bags don’t breath well, yard waste starts to ferment causing a wet smelly mess (and contributing to the problem of the bottoms giving out). Compost facilities struggle with non-compostable contaminants that taint the end product and can damage equipment. They also struggle with odor contamination, for which they are regulated by government authorities.

The mesh dsolv® bags solve all these problems at once. Rain drains out of the bags and allows contents to dry so there is no more smelly, soggy mess at the curb. Since the bags tie in a knot at the top, they are easier to grab and throw into the truck. The mesh also allows the haulers and compost facility to see what's in the bag to ensure no contaminants enter the mulch stream. Finally, because the yard waste can dry out, it doesn't smell like the soiled contents of paper bags, so odor control is much easier for compost facilities.

Amplified Directions
Stretch the bag open
Slide the barrel into the bag
Hold closed
Fold top of bag down over outside of barrel
Slide barrel out of bag using handles

We are eagerly contacting communities around the country about the benefits of dsolv®. However, dsolv® bags may not yet be recognized as an approved bag for use in your community. If you encounter any problems with disposal of your dsolv® bags, you may contact your local hauler directly or feel free to contact us and we will work to inform the appropriate people in your community. Thank you for your patience during this process.