See bottom of page for current locations. In the near future, dsolv® will have their products available for sale in major hardware stores, home improvement centers and nurseries in your area.

dsolv® bags are made from a bio resin. Corn and other plants are processed to form a starch compound that is used to create the bags. The resin is 100% compostable, yet, the bag offers strength and a long shelf life.

Making paper bags requires chopping down trees. And paper bags are much heavier than dsolv® bags. So shipping them to your local store requires more fuel.

Recyclable products, such as paper and certain plastics, can be processed to be used again in another form. Compostable products require no elaborate processing. When exposed to composting microbes, dsolv® bags completely break down and return to the soil.

The bags are perfectly stable before you use them and after you set them at the curb – even when exposed to rain, oxygen and sunlight. Only exposure to composting microbes will begin the decay.

Under ideal composting conditions, the bag breaks down in about six months.

Refuse collectors love dsolv® bags because they can see inside them! This means they know for certain that the bag contains lawn waste – and nothing unsafe or noncompostable. Furthermore, each dsolv® bag is clearly labeled so the collector knows that the bag itself is compostable. Many municipalities pick up lawn waste (which can be composted) separately from garbage (which goes to a landfill). You can check with your local collector to find out what happens in your neighborhood.

You can check the website www.findacomposter.com to find a facility in your state.

Yes. Look for the seal of the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) on products such as kitchen trash bags, packaging and store shopping bags.